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Club Pass Player Instructions

Click on Printable for Full Instructions W/Pictures



This is the only way to add a Club Pass Player to your Game Card  

1. Login to team GotSocc Account                                                                   
2. Locate "Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Classic League Event”                                 

3. Click on Frozen Roster this will take you to your event roster                               

Classic League Event Roster                                                                  
1. Locate the Add Club Pass Player tab
2. Click on the Add Club Pass Player Tab

Adding Club Player to Event Roster  

1. When you click on Club Pass Player tab a box will drop down                              
2. You will need to fill in the required information >click search
3. The Club Pass Player will appear in a drop down Box. 
4. The next Step is to ADD the Club Pass Player to the Event Roster (Before Deadline)
    (This is the roster used to generate game cards)
5. The Club Pass Player will appear on the Roster (CP) in the
    Status Column along with your (P) primary players on the far right.)
6. The very last thing you do is change the jersey number if there is
    a conflict.
A New Electronic Form is required for every game a CPP participates
8. Electronic Forms do not carry over if a game is rescheduled


After Thursday's 2:00PM Deadline;

  • Electronic Form will be Deactivated  
  • Club Pass Player Button will be Deactivated in gotsoccer (you will not be able to add players after the weekly deadline)
  • After Sunday Matches are completed. All Club Pass Players will be released from your game rosters. You will no longer be responsible for deactivating club pass players.
  • BOTH the Electronic Form and Club Pass Player button WILL BE REACTIVATED ON MONDAY MORNING by 8am.
  • You are still responsible for completing the form and adding your Club Pass Players each week prior to the deadline.

Do not forget to fill out the Required Club Pass Player Electronic Form for Every Game.





Purpose:  The Club Player Pass Rule is designed to maximize the development of the player by allowing players to play on a team from the same Club at an older age level on a temporary basis. 

Requirement:  The Club Player Pass Rule to be used for the Boys Classic League must follow the current rules, guidelines (for example: roster sizes), and the following criteria:

  1. Club Player Pass may only play in a higher division within their age group. For example: A D2 player may play for a D1 team.  D3 Players may play for either D2 or D1 teams.
    Players may not transfer to higher ranking teams within their own division.

  2. Club Player Pass may play at an older level, but, only at the same or higher level. For example:
    U12 D1 player can play U13 (or older) D1 and can play in U13 D2.
    U12 D2 player can play U13 D3..

  3. Club Player Pass must only play one game per day (this includes his primary team). For example:

    U12 D2 player on a Saturday, plays with U13 D3 team, and on Sunday can play on his original U12 D2 team.  Players can only play one game per day!

  4. A team may receive a maximum of 3 club player passes per game.
  5. Club Player Pass is not allowed to participate in the league qualifying games or league qualifying tournaments.  This includes Challenge games, U11 Qualifying Tournament, etc.
  6. A player, is eligible for a club pass into any age group he is birthdate/year eligible for regardless of what age group that player’s rostered team participates in, providing other restrictions are met. For example: A player who is classified as a U15 and is rostered to a U16 D2 team, may use a club pass to a U15 D1 team. In this situation he would satisfy age requirements as well as avoid breaking “playing down” restrictions currently in place.

           8.    Any rules not covered here, refer to North Texas State Soccer  Association Bylaws and  Rules.

Clubs with Divisions:

For the purposes of this rule, a Club having a similar name with other clubs will be considered to be the same club if the club shares a common Board of Directors and is within the same metropolitan area.   All club pass players must be officially registered with North Texas Soccer Association.  
For example:      

Clubs with an affiliation in Austin, TX, cannot use players in NTX unless the Club has the same Board of Directors.



Coach/Club in violation of this rule will be subject to review by the Boys Classic League A & D Committee.

Supervision -
To be supervised by the boys Classic League and the Got Soccer game day cards.  All Classic League existing rules shall remain in effect.  Thursday deadline of 2:00 pm shall remain consistent for rosters for the upcoming Saturday and Sunday games and 12:00 pm the day before weekday games.  For a Monday night game, the deadline is the previous Friday at noon.  Classic league will also need notification that a team is using a Club Player Pass before rosters will be finalized for that weekend by 2:00 pm on Thursday.

Please note that North Texas State Soccer Association still has the intra club transfer rule should any club need to transfer players outside of these parameters