Tournament Rules

The Challenge Tournament is very important to teams trying to  Qualify for the Classic League.
The tournament will not be cancelled due to inclement weather.
All suspended or delayed tournament games will be rescheduled at the discretion of the tournament.
This means adding additional weekends or weeknight games if necessary.

  • In case the tournament runs out of days to play the remainder of the games in a timely manner the tournament committee reserves the right to establish an equitable solution to determine the advancement into the Classic League.

Classic Challenge Tournament is a Restricted Tournament
Tournament is open to all teams that have played in a sanctioned League not just a North Texas Sanctioned League.

Non North Texas Teams Playing in Challenge Tournament:

  • Only existing teams will be accepted
  • Players CANNOT be on another North Texas Roster
  • Newly formed teams NOT eligible
  • Have a GotSport Team Account
  • Current Photos – Coaches/Manager/Players
  • Roster Size – North Texas Rules
  • Teams that did not play in a North Texas sanctioned League are required to register
    with a North Texas Home Association & obtain a North Texas Roster 
    signed by the registrar  BY APRIL 15TH.
    US Club Rosters will NOT be accepted.
  • Teams that earn an invitation into the Classic League through the Challenge Tournament are Required to retain a roster of 50% + 1when registering for the Fall Classic League.