Virtual ID Cards are Required during Classic League play
You will need to have your Virtual ID Cards ready to view on your smart phone for the referees to check in the team before each game. I would practice before Saturday to avoid having a problem @ the team check in. This is also a chance to verify your players jersey #s match the jersey they are wearing.

  1. Open up a  “Browser Window” on your “Smart Phone”
  2. Login to your “GotSport Team Account”
  3. Click on “Team Management”
  4. Go to “Teams” > Click on your “Team”
  5. Now you are on your “Team Information Page” > Click on “Rosters”
  6. Select the “Event Roster” from the drop-down box > Click on
    “2024 11U  Classic League Qualifying Tournament Round 1” Click “Search”
  7. Click on “Documents & ID Cards”
  8. Scroll down Click on “Green VID Button”
  9. This brings up your “Team Roster”  
  10. With your finger click on “1st Name on the list”
  11. You now will “Swipe” each “Player’s VID Card” from “Right” to “Left”