Uniform Rule:

1. Players are required to wear shin guards that are age appropriate and must be completely covered by the player’s socks.

2. Each team must wear matching uniforms: jerseys, shorts, and socks must be the same color as all players on the same team.

3. Each player must have a clearly discernable permanent number on the back of their jersey (including alternate jerseys), which will correspond to their name on the Game Roster. (Permanently numbered T-shirts of the same team color are OK for this competition).

4. The goalkeeper’s jersey will be distinct from both teams and the referee.Goalkeeper’s jersey does not require a number. Referees will change in case of color conflict with teams or goalkeepers.

5. Home Team is listed first and must wear WHITE/LIGHT JERSEY, Visitor Team must wear DARK JERSEY. In case of jersey color conflict, Home Team changes.
(Striped Jersey in not considered White)