Suspended Player / Coach Instructions


1. Suspended players that need to sit-out a game are not required to be present at the game.

2. Game Sit-Out Form - Electronic. - Not Required Starting this Year.

Suspended Coaches / Managers required to pay a $100.00 Fine.

Coaches / Managers / Players that are suspended from play show up on the Game Card with a Red Line through the name which alerts the referee that the player cannot play.

Referee will verify that the coach / manager/ is not at game & player is not in uniform and is either sitting on the bench or not at the game. He will initial the form next to the player’s name.


Game Cards

Game Cards are generated from your GotSoccer Event Classic League Roster making it IMPERATIVE that all teams have their information (including pictures) correctly updated & documentedThe absolute deadline for any roster changes is 2:00 PM on Thursday prior to the weekend for players to be eligible to play.  The referees will have the Game Cards for each game (no need for managers to print them) and will also turn in the Game Cards to the Classic League office at the conclusion of each game.  The Classic League Board officials will also be conducting random roster checks each weekend.