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Update Roster Procedure

Instead of calling, emailing or sending a text to notify registrar or league
admin about changes to your roster

Changes to Roster: (Procedure)
Revised Rosters need to be updated with the Classic League

1.Changes to your Official Roster starts with your Home Association
2.Registrar will approve changes and generated a new roster with updates

  • Game Cards are generated from your Classic League Gotsoccer Event Roster.

It is very important you keep all changes updated with the League.

  • Coach Change
  • Adding Asst. Coach
  • Manager Change
  • Adding New Players
  • Deleting Players
  • Jersey # Change
  • Team Name Change


Roster changes & updates must be submitted to the Classic League, through its office, by 2:00PM. Thursday for a Saturday or Sunday game; and, by 2:00PM on the preceding business day for a weeknight game. 

Example: for a 6:30PM Monday game, a complete and accurate roster change must be submitted by 2:00PM the previous day.)


1. Login to “Team” GotSoccer Account”
2. Under “Event History” locate “Fall /Spring 2019_2020 CCSAI Classic League”
3. Click on the “Fall 2019 /Spring 2020 CCSAI Classic League”
4. Click on “Documents”

5. Go to “Team Document Upload”
6. Click on the “Arrow on the right side of the Drop Down Box”

7. Pick “Fall Roster” from the drop down box

8. Click “Choose File”
9. Locate “Updated Roster” on your computer
10. “Upload” Roster
11. Click on
"Notify Button" > add message of the changes
12. When Classic League Event Roster is updated you will see in the
"Notify" Column  which is (6) columns over a
 Green Check Mark with the word Cleared. 

  • Rosters changes submitted after 2:00PM on Thursday will not be updated until the following Monday.Therefore, any New Players added or changes made afte2:00PM will not be allowed for that weekend's play.


  • This includes Jersey #s, if the Jersey # on the Game Card is different from what the player is wearing he will not be allowed to play. 
  • Correcting a jersey # with any kind of tape or permanent marker is not allow