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Player Academy Rule 3.10.3

Academy Rule North Texas 3.10.3

North Texas Rule Book

1. A “Soccer Academy” is a group of Under 7 through Under 10 registered NTSSA recreational players who desire to participate with other players without following the recreational team formation rules. Players must register with a member association and may or may not be on a recreational team, unless required to be on a recreational team by their member association. Academies are to be governed by NTSSA Youth Associations, and NTSSA Youth Associations may host as many Soccer Academies as they deem desirable. Academy teams are governed by the league in which they participate. (If more than one association is involved in an academy league an A&D committee should be in place.)

2. Coaches, trainers, administrators, etc., of Soccer Academies must have satisfactorily passed the criminal background check and information sent to NTSSA.

3. Soccer Academy play is in addition to recreational play. Players may join any Soccer Academy of their choosing within their age group, and are not required to obtain a release from their NTSSA recreational team to participate on an Academy team. Players must present a form of proof of registration signed by their home association registrar each time they participate with an Academy. Players may join as many Soccer Academies as they like as long as the Soccer Academy is recognized by a North Texas Soccer Member Youth Association. No formal contract or written commitment may be signed by or on behalf of the player to commit a player to an Academy team. The Academies may charge a fee to cover expenses in addition to the player’s recreational soccer registration fees. Academy players may participate in only one Academy tournament at a time. Violations of this rule shall result in sanctions against the offending party (coach, assistant coach, manager, parent, or other team representative), which could include suspension from all soccer activities for a period of time.

4. Member Associations may provide league play if they have enough teams, or may coordinate with other Member Associations to provide a league or games between Soccer Academy teams from different home associations. Age division play will be designated as Under 7 through Under 10. Scores and standings should not be kept.

5. Soccer Academy teams are not considered “registered teams,” and therefore do not have to follow recreational team formation rules. Soccer Academy teams may not enter NTSSA sanctioned tournaments unless the tournament has specified a “Soccer Academy” bracket. In that event, players must declare which Soccer Academy team they will play with in the tournament and may only play for one team in a tournament.

6. Soccer Academy rosters may change from week to week to accommodate players desiring to change Soccer Academies, or to accommodate players who want to play on one team one week and another team the next week.

7. The purposes of the Soccer Academies are to:
a. Provide recreational players who have aspirations of becoming a more accomplished player an avenue to test and enhance his or her skills.
b. Provide recreational players an opportunity to train with experienced coaches.
c. Provide recreational players an opportunity to investigate the level of play with which they are comfortable, which players they would like to play with, and for which coaches they would like to play.

8. Recruiting is not allowed on Soccer Academy teams. Soccer Academies are to be used for training, not recruiting.

9. For the purpose of this rule, all players participating in a Soccer Academy who are also registered with an NTSSA Member youth association recreational or recreational plus team shall, in the event of a conflict, consider the NTSSA recreational team or recreational plus team to be their primary team and the Soccer Academy as a secondary commitment.