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Game Day Procedures


Home Team: (listed first on the schedule)

  • Home Team wear White or Light . Away Team wear Dark.
  • Each Player is to wear the Same Color Jersey, Short & Socks as 
    Team Mates. (Example: Blue Jersey, White Shorts, Black Socks)
  • League will Provide Game Ball (Please return ball to Referees)

Both Teams:

  • Pay referees (Middle $23.00 (1) Linesmen $32.00 = $55.00 per game) Before Game Begins
  • Have players ready to be checked in by referees 
  • Have Virtual ID Cards ready for referees to view in "Smart Phone"
  • Players Jersey #s - No Duplicates, No Changing #s on Game Day, Tape or Permanent Marker is Not Allowed
  • Cross out players not playing

Players Arriving Late to Game:

  • Manager is required to take player to official at field have his Virtual ID Card pulled up so Official can Verify the Player

‚ÄčGame Card:

  • Referee will have "Match Report" before start of each game and will return it to office at the conclusion of the game
  • End of Game - Once the game card has been verified by each team, we ask each team representative to sign the game card, assuring the League that the information is correct.  Match Reports will be considered approved once signed by both teams and cannot be altered
  • Coach or Manager will Enter Score in GotSport

Game Cards:

  • Are generated from your JCLE/JCL GotSport Event Roster

Player Academy Forms:

  • Coach/Manager must have a signed Academy Player Form for each player who participates in games and practices
  • Academy Player forms must be available to present at each game if requested by Referee or League Official