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Entering Game Score

VI.  Classic League Play

I.   Game Report Requirements. The manager of both teams must report the score of the game on the same day after the conclusion of the game. The official standings will be maintained by the Age Division Commissioner. The referee will provide a Classic League Game Report for each game and the referee will be responsible for turning it in to the Classic League official.

Reporting Scores by Phone

11U & 12U 

Event ID#   79932
4-Digit Pin#  2022 

Phone# 904-758-0875
Event ID#  80645
5-Digit Pin# 8000 

Phone# 904-758-0875

Fall 2020 / Spring 2021 CCSAI Classic League 

A Voice Prompt will help you.

1. Dial # 904-758-0875
2. To Up Date Team Record - Press 1
3. Enter Event ID# 

4. Enter 4 Digit Pin# 
5. Game # - (Obtain Game# from Schedule in GotSoccer) 
6. Enter Scores - Press 1 (you do not enter misconduct cards)
7. Enter Home Team Score - Press #
8. Enter Away Team Score - Press #
9. Save Scores - Press 1

Reporting Scores Online 
Via GotSoccer App

(This is the same App you use to access your Virtual ID Cards).

1. Download GotSoccer App.
Click on Event Scoring

2. Enter Event ID #   
Event Pin #  

3. Locate Game # in Schedule

4. Verify Game # @ Top of Page
Enter Home Team Score First – Press #
Enter Away Team Score - Press #
Save Scores – Press 1

You Do Not Enter Yellow or Red Misconduct Cards