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Chamber Soccer Registrar
Jeannie Bradford

Direct Line:....214-361-1336 

All Players are required to create a New GotSport
when they register


All players must have an Academy form to be able to practice with a Competitive club or play in the Academy League each . The Academy Form is good from the date of registration until August 1, 2022.  Once registration is completed the Academy Form must be signed by the Home Association Registrar, Jeannie Bradford.  

Full Year Academy Registration
Good from Date of Registration to August 1, 2022

To Register Click Here

Once registered your player's academy form will be complete once the player's birth certificate has been uploaded and verified with your paid registration.
The Completed Academy form will be in the player's profile under forms. This registration is valid for the Full-year there are NO REFUNDS for Academy Only Players.

If playing on a recreational team you do not do this registration contact to get the link to process your form for academy play.


Proof of Birth Forms Accepted:
Birth Certificate
(No Hospital/Religious records will be accepted) 

Upload to Players Registration Account