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Is Your Team Game Day Ready?
(3) Steps to Verify Team is Ready
Rent-A-Ball Program

(3) Steps to Verify Team is Game Day Ready

1. Official Roster Signed by Registrar
2. Virtual ID Cards
3. Jersey # on Players Uniform 

Should All Mirror Each Other


Deadlines for Updating Roster & Adding CPP
Saturday & Sunday Games:
Thursday, 2:00 PM

Weeknight Games:               
Day before Game,  2:00 PM

Day before Deadline:  In the AM I would Verify everything

Procedure if Official Roster, VID Card & Jersey # on Players Uniform do not Match:
1. All changes need to be made through your registrar
2. Registrar will update roster with corrections & generate new roster
3. New Roster needs to be uploaded in Classic League Event Documents

I upload all Rosters to league for teams that use me as their Registrar.

  • Click on Notify Button
  • Leave Instruction in Message Box of the Updates that were made to Roster.  

All this should be done before the Deadline so Event Roster can be Updated Before Game Cards are Printed


Teams That Do Not Have Game Ball For Game
Rent - A - Ball Program

1. At Office
2. Fee: $10.00
3. Security: Drivers License

4. Return Ball at End of Game