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Instructions How to Keep Your Classic League Roster
Updated & Approved

Club Pass Player Deadlines:
New Deadline 2021 / 2022 Season

Monday /Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday Night Games:
Deadline: 12 Noon day of scheduled game 

Saturday / Sunday Games:
Deadline 5:00 PM Thursday.

DON'T FORGET to change the jersey # if there is a conflict Place your cursor over current jersey #
on the Classic League event roster .

Club Pass Players that do not play on a team in the Classic League:
1. Are required to play on a team playing in a North Texas Sanctioned League.

How to Make the Following Changes to Official Roster for League Play:

  • Players Being Added / Transferred / Released to Team
  • Coach & Manager Changes or Adding Additional Staff
  • Player # Corrections & Changes

Step by Step  Instructions:

1.  Login to GotSport team account > click on roster tab on gray bar
2.  Primary Player List > this is where you make all changes to Official Roster
3. Contact your registrar per Home Competitive Associations registrar’s instructions for updating official roster
4. After registrar updates & generates a new official roster
5. Login to GotSport team account>Team Profile>Documents
6. You will see updated official roster > check date to make sure it’s the latest official roster with changes
7. Official Roster needs to be uploaded into correct Classic League event
8 . Click on notify button
9. Explain changes in message box

Final Step - How to verify changes have been updated to Official Roster

Official Roster > Event Roster > VID Cards > # on Player’s  Jersey -  should all mirror each other