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Pandemic Fee Policy, Covid-19 Reporting & Rescheduling Guidelines

Classic League Pandemic Fee Policy

The Classic League does not normally issue refunds, rebates or credits for payments made by teams to the League throughout the soccer year. However, in the worst case Covid-19 situation in which we reach the end of the 2020/2021 soccer year without completing all scheduled League games, the Classic League will issue credits to any teams returning to the Classic League in the 2021/2022 season for games not played.  These will be games not played strictly due to Covid-19 and not any other circumstances. Teams must be ready to play at any time during the year on any weekends and weeknights in order to complete the League schedule.  No allowances will be made for Showcases this year unless the League schedule seems to be progressing safely and in a timely manner.  This will not include games that we cannot reschedule due to a team being quarantined. We will reschedule those quarantine games but only as the schedule allows.

In case of a major impact (such as due to a disaster or shut down by the governor) which is out of our control causing cancellation of games and prohibits us from completing the soccer year, we will use the following Credit Policy for cancelled games:

3-4 games:  $100/team
5-6 games: $200/team
7-8 games: $250/team
9 or more games: $300/team

Covid-19 Game Rescheduling Guidelines: 

  1. If a Single Player on a team tests positive, the team staff is required to inform the Classic League Staff (Jeannie Bradford) immediately. Please send an email with a copy of the positive test results to Jeannie so the game may be rescheduled.
  2. That team and coach are required to quarantine for 14 days from  the sign of the first symptom.
  3. That team will be rescheduled to play after 14 days. The player that tested positive may also return to play assuming he is symptom-free.
  4. If a coach is quarantined with a particular team, he is also required to quarantine from any other team he is coaching.  His other teams will continue to play but will be coached by his assistant or DOC.