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Parking Protocol Very Important

Parking Protocol


The Dallas College @ Richland Campus Soccer Complex is in the process of constructing a new building.  Unfortunately, the location of the building seriously restricts the number of spaces in the main parking lot. The CL will need to make accommodations so all can park and arrive at the games in an organized manner.

We are asking that there is a limited number of cars at Richland.  Please carpool or limit one car per family.   There are also very limited handicapped spots and there will be no courtesy rides again this spring due to covid.  NO DROP OFFS of players anywhere.

It is imperative that everyone follow the parking protocol so players, coaches, referees, and parents can arrive at the games in a timely manner.  Please be courteous to the Richland Police and Staff and the CL staff as they are there to make this transition as seamless as possible.  Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.

Parking Protocol

Fields 11-18:  Parking will be in Lots A and B (off of Abrams Road – on Flickering Shadow Drive).  To cross Thunderduck Lake proceed to walking bridge near Neches Hall “N”.

Fields 1,2,5,6, & 9:  Parking will be in Lots V and W and across the street in the La Croix Building Parking Lot “R” (off of Walnut Street - on Richland East Drive).   To cross Thunderduck Lake proceed to walking bridge between Pecos Hall “P” and Wichita Hall “WH”. Alternate Parking Lots will be E and D.

Fields 3,4,7,8, &10:  Parking will be in Lots Z, ZZ & the new parking lot at the corner of Thunderduck Road. (off of Walnut Street- on Richland East Drive).  Please no driving up Thunderduck Road.  NO Parking on Thunderduck Road near the concession stand.  That parking is for Referees and Staff only. Alternate Parking Lots are A & B.

ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING in the new parking lot (North of Field #9 and adjacent to Field #5) per the Dallas College at Richland.