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2022 / 2023 Referee Pay Scale

Each team is responsible for the payment of the referees

  • Each team will be responsible to pay the referees before game time
  • Each team will pay the referees cash.
  • Each team will pay half to the middle and one of the asst. referee
  • Need exact dollar amount

Due to all ECNL Leagues raising their referee pay this past week, we are forced to do the same to remain competitive within the referee pool that we all use in NTX. Please be advised that these referee fees will go into effect for this weekend's matches
(Aug 27th and Aug 28th). 

2022-2023 Referee Updated Pay Scale

U11/12 $50 $32
U13/14 $76 $50
U15/16 $80 $55
U17/18/19 $90 $60