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Friday 9/5/2015
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Tuesday 9/8/2015
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    POSTED - 9/22/2014

    New Policy 9/22/2014
    Teams Verifying Misconduct Cards @ End of Game

    Boys Classic League


    Going forward, we ask that either the manager or coach of each team approach the center referee at the end of the game to verify the final score and the misconduct cards given to each player.  This is NOT an opportunity to argue with the referee about calls during the game.  Referees will mark each player receiving a misconduct card for your review.  Once the game card has been verified by each team, we ask each team representative to sign the game card, assuring the League that the information is correct.  Game cards will be considered approved once signed by both teams and cannot be altered.
    In addition, please remind your teams (parents and players) to discontinue walking across open fields and practicing or warming up on empty fields.  We also ask that NO coaches or parents park up near the concession stand.  That area is strictly for board members and staff on duty.







    Texas Health Website - Click Here


    Contact a Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine
    Concussion Center to schedule

    The test is free and takes about 40 min to complete.

    For more information on taking the ImPACT test - Click Here

    Concussion Clearance Email Address:

    Richland College Soccer Complex

    MoneyGram Soccer Park

    Hotline Instructions

    Download the Hotline App for IPHONE or ANDROID and access our real time hot line messages quickly and easily.

    FOR APPLE iphone/ipad users:
    Download the free app for your iPhone or iPad by searching in the app store for 
    "Sports Phone Hot line v2". Once downloaded you will need to enter our new hot line number one time to complete the installation.

    FOR ANDROID users:
    Download the free app for your Android by either scanning the QR code to your
    left or searching Play Store for "Chamber Soccer".



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