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Chamber Classic Soccer League Office
Our office @ 10711 Preston Rd is closed due to the damage from the recent tornado

We will be conducting business as usual
Jeannie will office  @ Richland College & North Texas Soccer in Frisco.
If you need to meet with Jeannie for any reason please call to make an appointment

Remember Jeannie is at Richland  College every Saturday & Sunday
Staff Contact Numbers:
Jeannie Bradford @ 214-335-9869

Suma Napper @ 214-738-2000
Patty Infante @ 214-808-7464


Rent - A - Ball Program


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New 2019 / 2020
Official Classic League Match Ball
Tazmania Thermo Molded Soccer Ball
Tazmania Size 4 & 5

Purchase Link

The Tazmania Soccer Ball is a thermo molded, and new age seamless soccer ball. The new thermo molded soccer balls leak less air and eliminate water retention. No more heavy, water logged balls. The new seamless technology improves aerodynamics of the ball. An internal, laminated bladder gives perfect roundness. Thermo balls are made for durability and performance and can withstand all conditions! Where have you seen this type of ball used? The Champions League, the World Cup and many professional leagues world wide are using the new seamless soccer balls.

Available in size 4 & 5. 

  • NFHS Approved
  • FIFA Quality Pro Specifications
  • No Water Penetration! All Season Protection
  • Excellent Air Retention
  • Better Shape Retention
  • Super Soft Feel 
  • Adjusting the inflation offers a different feel: Slightly less air makes a great youth ball. Slightly more air firms up the ball for the stronger and more mature player!



New Policy 2017/2018
Assistant Coaches 

In order to assist teams with conflicts, Head Coaches that Coach two or more teams are required to list an assistant Coach on their official roster. 

You will need to upload an updated roster with the Assistant Coach added and signed by your home association registrar ASAP.


Educate yourself and read up on all the new IFAB Law of the Game changes effective now.  Click here for an easy to read summary with explanations of the changes.

All Coaches, Managers and Spectators should be aware of these law changes. Our officials have been training on these and will be applying these law changes beginning at the 2019 QT.

If you have not downloaded the FREE IFAB smartphone app, pick it up for either iOS or Android from your app store.

Hotline #

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To Receive Field Condition Updates

Classic League 
Using Cell Phone
Text  CCSAITEAMS to 84483   

JCL Elite
Using Cell Phone
Text  CLASSICACADEMY to 84483   

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